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La soddisfazione del cliente è il nostro miglior premio. Queste sono solo alcune delle recensioni, per una visione completa consulta il nostro profilo su Google.

 Luca Battaggia   Valutazione:☆☆☆☆☆


 Federico Bernardini   Valutazione:☆☆☆☆☆

Number One...

 Lorenzo Ciaghi   Valutazione:☆☆☆☆☆

Special thanks to Richard! Now my trusted seller. Second vehicle that I purchase from him, always ready and available to satisfy my specific requests. Honest and professional! Super satisfied, see you next car Richard! See you soon!

 Zano   Valutazione:☆☆☆☆☆

A few years ago my wife purchased a car from Autoclass, given the positive experience I recently decided to rely on the same dealership too. Here I meet Mr. Riccardo who quickly responds to my requests with interesting proposals. Riccardo is helpful, kind and knowledgeable, the negotiation ends positively and the car is delivered to me in less than a month. The presentation and the keys come to me from Mr. Marco, who with the same professionalism as his colleague, explains to me the characteristics and functionality of my new purchase in an exhaustive manner, there was no shortage of pleasant chats, especially regarding the cars in the window. Elegant, clean, bright environment and... dream cars on display! (enthusiasts like me be warned). I am satisfied with my purchase as after 3 months and 3000km I can say that the car behaves very well on the road, excellent bodywork, clean and fragrant interior. I therefore recommend turning to Autoclass for those who are interested, passionate and above all (like me) hesitant about used cars. I would like to underline the availability of Mr. Riccardo in unraveling a hitch at the DMV (therefore not the responsibility of Autoclass) in the delivery of Italian license plates when the provisional ones expired after a month, resolved in a short time; a plus that further confirms my positive evaluation.

 Roberto   Valutazione:☆

IT'S A DIFFICULT WORLD..... A few weeks ago, after reading the numerous positive reviews about it, I contacted this car dealer via email because I was serious about purchasing one of their supercars. The following day, one of their illustrious salesmen "RICCARDO" contacted me by telephone with whom I had an initial long, cordial and friendly conversation to confirm what I had learned from the numerous positive reviews. But now we get to the point: 1. offers me to purchase a different car from the one I had asked for information about via email, saying that they had misinformed him; 2. not interested in your proposal, I ask for the availability of another car for sale, advertised but it says it is already sold (to date it is still on; 3. at this point, he is available to get me one, directly from the factory in Germany (thanks to a direct channel) so he advises me to send him details and accessories of the desired car; 4. asks if I have a car to leave in exchange and, although I am not interested in the exchange, induced by such availability and kindness therefore, in total trust, I subsequently send detailed photos of my car with its registration document, Book Service and Invoices Services performed regularly at the parent company dealership together with the characteristics of the car to be procured in Zuffenhausen; 5. after a few days without a response, I contact the same gentleman "Riccardo" by telephone who, having recognized me, says that he is temporarily busy with a customer "I'll call you back as soon as I'm free" and closes the call; 6. I'm still waiting... An incomprehensible farce and mockery, already mentioned by other unfortunates in the various reviews... If I could give "ZERO RATING" of course, I would without a doubt. UNRELIABLE, UNQUALIFIABLE and UNDEFENSIBLE. I leave to all of you, potential customers, further comments and evaluations, based on the facts faithfully reported by me and, on the basis of other reviews, similar to mine, present not only on Google but also on Autoscout. P.S. now they will write that the "Review is Fake", "Cyber ​​Attack", etc. etc.....